Things To Know About The Metal Roof Before Installing It

A lot of thought and research work goes into selecting a roof for the property. It also depends on the climate of the region. For people in Norfolk, metal roofing can be the best option as it has a long life and with protective coatings, it can provide additional benefits. Here are some essentials that you should know before installing a metal roof.

Know about the metal roofing

Aluminum, copper, steel, or asphalt/copper blends are used to construct a metal roof. They don’t look like metal material. Their advanced fabrication and construction give classic wood shingles, slate, or tile-like looks.

A metal roof life

According to the metal roofing contractors in Norfolk, a metal roof material can last up to 40 to60 years. The asphalt shingles roof requires replacement between 15 and 20 years. However, a tile roof can last up to 80 years. The lifespan of a slate roof is 100 years which is the longest life of these roofs.


If a metal roof is installed and manufactured properly, it is non-combustible, fire-resistant, and can also withstand a severe hurricane. The best benefit of this roof is that it does not attract lighting in comparison to other roofs.

Environment friendly

You may know that metal roofs can be recycled up to 95%. So, if you want to replace them, you don’t need to take tension. There are many ecological benefits of installing a metal roof. You can apply a reflective coating on your roof and can make your home energy efficient. It will also help to save electric charges.

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