Features To Look For In A Leather Belt

Now days belts are not only used to provide support to your trouser, they are widely used as a fashion accessory that you can wear to enhance your looks. There are many types of belts which are made available in the market for men as well as for women. Some of them are made up of fabric, plastic, rubber, and many other materials. But from all of them, American made belts are the most popular as they provide natural look of the leather as well as look amazing upon you. So, if you have made your mind to buy a leather belt for yourself, then you should always look for these features in your leather belt.

Double layered leather: Double layered leather belts are the most durable of them all. Two layers of leather are attached to each other which provide flexibility as well as durability to the belt. All the pressure and load is distributed equally on both the layers instead of single layer of the leather belt.

brown belt

Triple edge finishing: Triple edge finishing is very popular these days with most of the leather belts as it does make your leather belt attractive. Triple edging makes your belt even more durable as well as tough to withstand any kind of pressure on it. The edges of the belt are stitched with string which makes it even more durable and provides support to the entire belt.

Spring steel core: Spring steel core is another feature that you can consider. A stainless steel spring is embodied inside the belt which provides support to the entire belt.

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