Growing Use Of The Stainless Steel Nuts And Screws

Bolts and screws are used for metal fastening. They hold two metallic pieces together and help in manufacturing and constructions. Traditionally, iron bolts and screws were used because iron made them strong. However, iron is the corrosive material so if proper care is not given, it starts corroding on interaction with atmosphere. Thus, iron bolts and screws are also subjected to the risk of corrosion. Stainless steel Bolts and screws are the best alternative for the iron nuts and bolts. These types of metal fasteners are made up of steel and about 10% chromium. This composition makes the stainless steel nuts, screws and bolts least reactive to the corrosion. Thus, stainless steel nuts and bolts become a weather resistant and make them ideal for the outdoors.

stainless steal construction accessories

Non corrosive feature of stainless steel

The increased use of stainless steel screws and bolts is attributed to the non corrosive feature of stainless steel. Thus, it is saved from rusting and damages. So, if you are looking for the metal fasteners for outdoors and marine use, stainless steel fasteners are considered as the best. It will help in adding durability to the bolts and screws which will hold on the metals together with high level of firmness.  The reason why stainless steel does not corrode like other metals is that the use of chromium in making stainless steel forms a protective covering over the steel. This prevents iron in steel from oxidization which prevents stainless steel from corrosion.

Stainless steel fasteners are eco friendly

Another feature of stainless steel which makes it suitable for fastening metals is that stainless steel is an eco friendly material. It does not release any kind of chemical or gas on reaction. It can be recycled easily.  You can store it in the box and even use it like the new ones after several years.

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