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Clothing and footwear impart considerable amount of impact on the overall performance of a dance performer as they can easily make swift movements. This is the main reason why performers prefer to invest considerable amount of money on their apparel.” said a dancing expert from on your toes dancewear store. In case you need to perform at the local theater this weekend then it is recommended to buy from one of the best discount dancewear that our store offers.

Products which you can purchase from these stores













Shoes: There are wide ranges of shoes to choose from these stores which will provide you efficacy during dance performance. You get to pick heel up to 2.5 inches which will give you appealing look while you perform any ethnic dance in front of the audience. These shoes are comfortable to wear and you do not have to worry about any unwanted strain caused on the sole of your feet. You could purchase these shoes for Ballet, Samba, modern and jazz dance moves.

Tops: You can pick from best turtle necked tops which are made up of 100% organic fibers, thus there is no worry about skin allergies and rashes. These tops can be acquired in different color formats viz. navy blue, black, white, red etc. Irrespective of your body size,you can purchase these tops during your Ballet performance.

Shorts: This is a high waist short which will provide you ease in freely moving your legs on the dance stage. These shorts have high quality elastic and are made up of sweat repellent and breathable material. Thus,you do not have to face any kind of difficulty during the performance.

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