Different Types Of Garden Fencing Available For You

Garden is the heart of the house. Everyone loves to enjoy a cup of tea and reading newspaper in their garden. Many people love to maintain their garden as per their requirements, so that’s why it is important to keep the garden safe. You can do this by getting the fencing done over the garden. Fencing helps you to keep away outsiders from the house and your pets in. It provides a visual barrier to you from which you can enjoy your privacy. There are many types of garden fencing available for you in the market you can choose the fencing according to your budget and compatibility.

wooden fence

Types of garden fencing

Picket fences – picket fences are also known as c. They are very commonly known for their neat and evenly spaced vertical boards. This type of fencing is generally used for the decoration purpose which provides an aesthetic look to the garden, and this fencing is used mostly in the front garden.

Close board fences – this type of fencing provides a good privacy and this type of fencing is usually constructed with an overlapped feather vertical edge board. This type of fencing is very strong and also 6 feet tall which means that it is perfect for creating privacy. This type of fencing is mostly used in rear gardens.

Traditional lap panel fences – this fencing is most common fencing which is widely used. This fencing is very easy to install for the house owners. This fencing can be purchased in the form of panels and then attached to the wooden fence.

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