The Assassination Of John F Kennedy – Questions That Never Went Away!

“John F Kennedy, the 35th dynamic president of the US was shot on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. It’s been over 58 years since this crime took place since there are several theories of the assassination that never come together.

Based on this Jim Diegueno, an eminent writer dedicated his entire life to understand what exactly led to the death of the president. In his books, he took a closer look into the investigation of the Warren Commission to discover whether the case was effectively being managed by the inspecting officers in charge or not.”  quoted expert from

Findings That Led to More Questions Than Answer

Right from the beginning, Jim was aware that John F Kennedy’s assassination isn’t a normal murder case, rather it ran deeper than the surface. This is the reason why, bringing every element of the case i.e. executive sessions of the commission, documented recordings and evidence was as tough as it could be.

Despite that, Jim was able to analyze the investigation reports of the commission and found:

  • Discrepancies along with the incomplete official record, as the archives had only nine reports of the case, while the rest were missing
  • Most of the stories narrated by the suspects never brought a true sense to what happened also
  • The mysterious trade of organizations for the investigation of the assassination was also questionable and at present most of the state department documents have been redacted.

Till today, these questions haunt the case and still make the assassination of JF Kennedy a murder that needs to be answered.

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